Digital Harbor student Involved in Non-Fatal Stabbing Near Federal Hill Park

| October 14, 2015 | 0 Comments

Yesterday around 330pm a Digital Harbor male student was stabbed near Federal Hill Park. The injuries were described by the Baltimore Police as “non-life threatening.” Baltimore Police Southern District Major Brian Hance released the following statement about the incident:

This incident is of great concern to me, as we deploy officers to the area to maintain a safe environment for the neighborhoods, business, and students. Is was revealed that the school was having disruptive behavior while school was in session, which they believed a fight might occur. The Southern District officers were deployed to the area for dismissal, however the incidents in school was not relayed to us until moments before the incident. I will be meeting with the School Police and Principal of the school in the near future to resolve and speed up our information sharing to prevent such incidents.     

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