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| March 1, 2012 | 3 Comments

A dream that has been five years in the making is close to becoming a reality for developer Arsh Mirmiran.  “I grew up in Baltimore, but lived in Atlanta after college.  Atlanta has these great multi-family buildings in the middle of great neighborhoods,” he said. “The buildings were so much  fun because there was so much camaraderie – everyone was very social and they had a great sense of community.  When I returned to Baltimore, I knew I wanted to develop a great multi-family building in the middle of a great neighborhood like those in Atlanta.” Federal Hill is certainly a great neighborhood and Mirmiran’s 1111 Light Street development certainly looks like it will be a great multi-family building.

When the facade of 1111 Light Street was torn down last winter, most people were shocked by the amount of space that existed across the street from the Cross Street Market.  Once a department store, and more recently Class C office space, the $34 million 1111 Light Street development is bringing 93 apartments, 24,000 sq. feet of office space and 7,000 sq. feet of retail space to the heart of Federal Hill.

Mirmiran purchased the properties in 2007. Five years later, 1111 Light Street will soon make its initial debut with M&T Bank and 7-Eleven opening new stores in the retail portion of the development.  Moving from East Cross St., M&T Bank will have a spacious new 3,600 sq. foot retail location. 7-Eleven will vacate their current location on the 1000 block of Light St. and move into 2,400 sq. feet of retail space and 200 sq. feet of office space.

The office portion of the project is aiming to be ready around June or July of this year.  No tenants are signed up yet for the office spaces.

The apartment portion of 1111 Light Street will debut around August and will provide 93 apartments and 106 parking spaces in a mid-rise building between Light and William St. and Cross and Webber St.   The building is seven stories high behind Light St. and approximately five and a half stories high behind William St.  (The topography of Light St. is approximately 20 feet lower than William St.)

Despite its height, the mid-rise building will only block the views of two residents.  “In basketball terms, the Holy Cross Church sets a pick for us. They are already blocking the skyline view, which prevents us from blocking existing views,” said Mirmiran. “The two skyline views blocked were those of the priest of Holy Cross and the rowhouse of the  Federal Hill South President Dave Hirst.  Both are big supporters of the project and the neighborhood has been great to work with.”

Mirmiran had an enlightening conversation with an elderly neighbor who sold him her rowhouse on Webber St.  “I asked her if she liked being so close to the action of Cross St. at her age.  I was surprised when she told me how quiet it was on Webber St. with Holy Cross and the buildings on Light St. really shielding you from the noise of Cross St. She loved though that if you wanted to use the many amenities of the area, they were just steps away.  She described it as her urban oasis and at that point I realized how truly special this project could be.”

The project will not only fill out Light St. and the space behind it. Openings that existed on Cross St. and William St. will be filled in by a rowhouse-style structure, which will be part of the apartment building. The Cross St. structure will have access to the parking garage underneath. The parking garage can also be accessed on Webber St.  The project will also feature a landscaped terrace with grills available to the tenants.

1111 Light Street is a really exciting new project for Federal Hill and will certainly provide a lot of people the ability to live or work in a quiet building across the street from the heart of Federal Hill.  Also to note, Mirmiran works with Caves Valley Partners who is developing an office building on Lawrence St. and Key Highway featuring a first floor Walgreens.  That will begin this fall and we’ll certainly contact Arsh for more info on the that soon!









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